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History of Badugi poker

Badugi is a kind of poker which has been said to have originated in Asia. It is a little different from the regular poker games as it is played with four cards. Unlike rest of the poker games where the highest cards win, in Badugi the lowest cards win. The Ace has value of 1 and the best hand is A234 of different suits and the hand is called Badugi. There are other various winning combinations which the players have to be aware of before playing the game.

Coming to the origin of the Badugi poker it is believed that it originated in South Korea. In actuality Badugi poker origin is quite unclear and no one seems to know how the game started even in South Korea. There has been much debate about the origin of the name ‘Badugi’ and it seems that the name has been adopted from a type of dog in Korea. This theory has been refuted by most people.

As far as the information in the western world goes, Badugi was played in South Korea since 1960 though the game might have been around even before. The game has many names some of which are Padookie, Paldugi, Badooki and so on.

The game came to USA after the Vietnam War. It was transported to USA by a person called Paul Eskimo Clark who claimed that he is the originator of the game. In actual fact he discovered the game during the war and felt that it would be interesting to introduce the game in USA. It is a well known fact that Badugi was around in Korea before Eskimo discovered it.

As Badugi started to get popular in US it came to the attention of the casino game sites. In spite of being an unknown variety of poker game Badugi is slowly gaining popularity. At the moment Badugi poker enjoys a moderate popularity thanks to the sites advertized here. Many people like to try it out because of its novelty and the totally opposite game play.