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Strategy Guide and Tips

How to learn poker bluffing online

Bluffing at Poker is to make the other players think that you have a much better hand than what you really have. If you can handle it correctly, Poker bluffing online can really help you with your poker profits and even win big. Here are some suggestions to help you with your Poker bluffing online. (more…)

Strategy for Starting Hands

To recall some of the basic Badugi Poker online rules, each player is dealt four cards from the standard deck of fifty two cards. The goal is getting the lowest possible four card hand to win the pot, with each card belonging to a different suit. There are four betting rounds and three draws. (more…)

Badugi Poker Online Snowing

“Snowing” is a term you will come across when playing Badugi Poker online; it is a powerful form of play, and if you can use it correctly, it can be really profitable. Snowing in Badugi means making a bluff and “standing pat” when there is no actual Badugi.

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When should you snow in Badugi?

It is simpler to snow if you are in position. (more…)

Online Bluffing Strategy

In Badugi, it is an effective bluffing strategy to stand pat during the draw rounds. The other players assume that you are holding a powerful hand and so there is no point in drawing further cards. If you stand during the 2nd draw instead of the first, this could work as a partial bluff or a semi bluff. (more…)

Some Odds in Badugi Poker Online

Play NowIn Badugi strategy, it is important to know the odds and what probability one has of drawing the correct cards. There are occasions, in fact, when it may be better and mathematically more sound to fold on a hand rather than chase after a hand with slim odds. (more…)

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