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Things to Think about with Badugi

Badugi is very popularly known as a gambler’s game. However, in reality it is quite different. For instance, if you get used to playing Omaha and Hold’em then you must have realized that there are slim chances of you to be a favorite in a hand when your competitors are still drawing. Read more.

Playing Badugi Poker SitNgo

Every poker player wants to be a winner in the game. If you also like to play this game, then knowing about the game’s strategy can be very useful for you. Similarly, for being a winner in Badugi poker sitngo (Sit and Go), you can apply thesame strategy for that of any Badugi tournament. Read more.

Basic Rules Refreshed

Badugi primarily fits into the draw poker category and is usually not familiar to a majority of poker players. It is fundamentally a four card variation of the lowball poker of triple draw. This type of poker typically uses a betting structure that is very traditional. Read more.

Different Types of Tournaments

Badugi poker has gained worldwide popularity and demand in recent times. These games can be played in the virtual as well as in the real world. Read more.

Differences between Mainstream and Badugi poker

Poker is one of the most popular card game in the world whether offline or online. Those who enjoy playing casino games will mostly go for one of the poker variations like badugi poker along with other games. Read more.

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