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Badugi Poker

If you are interested in playing Badugi poker online which has been lesser known game of poker but has surprisingly gained a lot of popularity in recent times, you will find websites here that offer this and other interesting games. You will also be pleased to know these badugi poker sites offer poker for both real money wagering and free play.

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Badugi poker though is not as popular as Texas Holdem or video poker or stud poker is nevertheless an interesting game and it is easy to play if you are a poker player. In this poker you have to make a hand where the lowest cards win. The three of a kind or a flush is a losing hand. What wins here are cards of different suit and lowest number.

Online Badugi Poker Sites


They offer a wide selection of side games and poker variations where you can play Badugi. Although Badugi isnt played by many you can often find players to challange you late at night. The specialty of this site is that it is running new promotions all the time and with a welcome bonus. You have the option of playing your favorite Badugi poker games and other styles of poker whenever you feel like. You simply register and Join now to get playing.

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